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If you would like to take a Virtual Tour of our school buildings, click here!

Kinder and Our Place-

As of 2023, we have a brand-new kinder on-site, ran by Latrobe City. Prep and kindergarten teachers have partnered to share resources, visit kinder students, assist with transition and to better link kindergarten and school practices. 


We also have Our Place offices on-site, located near our front entry. Our Place helps to provide tailored education, as well as connect families to health and wellbeing services. You can read more about Our Place and the great work they do here.

Teaching Spaces -

Here at Morwell Park we work in year level groups called Flexible Learning Teams. Our buildings cater to this style of collaborative teaching and learning. Our main building consists of administration, art room and open learning classrooms for Prep. Grades 2 and 5 are located in brand new conjoined classrooms. We also have a large BER building, which accommodates the teaching and learning needs of children in grades 3 to 5. It includes 6 classrooms, open spaced learning areas, offices, kitchen and toilet facilities. 

Gymnasium - The gym allows for the Physical Ed program to take place regardless of weather . It also allows for whole school assemblies, activities, performances and community access. There are canteen facilities attached to the gymnasium, used by students for cooking lessons.

Ready Room - Our Ready Room is a space for students who are not Ready to Learn. The Ready Room helps students with emotional regulation, for 'soft landings' into the school day, or just some extra TLC when needed. Once students are 'ready to learn', they can return to their classroom. 

Playgrounds – Our students are fortunate to have a huge playing space. A large football oval, street soccer and netball complex are included in our school block boundary. The school itself is fully fenced. We have an outdoor performance area with a stage. Children are encouraged to use the bike paths that run near us to get to school and we have a secure bike storage facility for them to use. We also have a class set of bikes to promote the safe use of bikes as transport through Bike Education and elective sports events. Students are involved with a number of sustainability programs as we are also a Resource Smart School.

School Buses – We are fortunate to have a school mini bus that we use to add to our students experiences through field trips, sporting activities out of school and mini excursions to various locations.

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