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Welcome to our website! Morwell is located in central Latrobe Valley, 150 kilometres east of Melbourne. At present, we are a school of 400 students. At Morwell Park, our vision is to improve students' quality of life through the realisation of potential. We do this by providing equal opportunities for learning success to all students, regardless of ability or background. 

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Remote Learning at MPPS

May 05, 2020

At MPPS, our Remote Learning goal is to engage and connect home and school, with a focus on learning and wellbeing for all of our students and families. The attached picture may provide some clarification on how much learning should be undertaken each day, the types of activities that should be undertaken, as well as how you can get help. 

Meet our Therapy Dogs!

March 22, 2020

We are so lucky to have 2 trained Therapy Dogs, Floyd & Evie, at MPPS.

Some benefits of Therapy Dogs include;

- Increasing Confidence

-Lowering Anxiety

-Lowering instances of Anger

-Reducing Stress

-Improving Student Wellbeing

Most importantly, Evie and Floyd will allow all students to just be themselves. Dogs don't judge and offer unconditional love and support. 

If you see them around the school, make sure you say hello!


November 14, 2018

GREEN Food Scraps 
BLUE — General Recycling

Morwell Park has begun working towards becoming a more sustainable school. With the Nude Food program starting we are looking at less waste and more recycling and compost for our garden.

For our school to be successful and start thinking about sustainability we have purchased Three Way Recycling Stations which have been placed in each grade level.

Our recycling options are General Waste, Food Scraps and General Recycling.

Lets work together to teach kids from a young age the importance of reduce, reuse, recycle and the environmental benefits that follow. These colourful and fun Recycling Stations give our future generations a powerful influence over the recycling habits of our households.

We ask parents to help us to make this Sustainability Program a success. With less waste including wrappers, chip packets and any other plastic items help to sustain the environment for our future.

The grade 5 students have been visiting our grades to explain how our recycling stations work and what we can put in each bin.

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