Individual needs are catered for within well developed sequential curriculum plans with the school guiding learning from Prep to grade 6 in the key Learning Areas of The Arts, mathematics,English, Science,Health and Physical Education,Studies of Society and Environment (SOSE),Technology and LOTE.

Morwell Park provides a comprehensive literacy strategy to meet the individual needs of students in years P-2. Detailed assessments and ongoing monitoring od students’ progress determines individual needs and a variety of teaching approaches are used to meet these needs.

Teacher development is also seen as a priority with maths, literacy and writing  coaches used to develop student and teacher skills and guide curriculum development. professional Learning Team activities work to ensure these skills and innovations are implemented across the school in a consistent manner and support teacher skill development.

Interactive learning sessions  are offered to the students weekly allowing them to select and experience a number of different learning session types and topics. Sport, art/craft, cooking and IT/multimedia are popular. The school participates in the RACV Energy Breakthrough event for HPV,s (human powered vehicles) with students able to elect to be involved in grade 5&6.

Morwell Park has an extensive Physical Education and Sports program with weekly lessons conducted by a specialist teacher. This is supported by a weekly sport program for grades 3-6. MPPS is a member of the Morwell District Sport network and children are given the opportunity to further develop skills and participate at District, Zone and State level in athletics,swimming,cross country, winter and summer sports. Teams have reached the state finals in athletics, swimming and netball. The Human Powered Vehicle project also encourages students to develop their fitness and allows them to see the benefits of this in a very practical way. Bicycle riding is promoted through this and our bike ed program and we have excellent bike facilities and equipment.Students are actively encouraged to ride to school. The school also offers school camp experiences for students in grades 3 to 6 at a variety of venues in Gippsland.

A significant commitment has been made to develop facilities, resources and programs in Information Technology. We have a well- equipped computer lab a swell as  banks of netbook computers etc in the classroom all connected via a school wide network. Children use computers daily and also have access to digital cameras ans scanners. Classrooms are equipped with digital projectors and interactive devices. Robotics and coding activities are being developed and implemented.

The school’s transition programs run for Grades 6 to Year 7 and Kinder to Prep, to help make the transition from one environment to another as smooth as possible.